Parliament Q&A

Written Reply by Masagos Zulkifli, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, to Parliamentary Question on Funeral Parlour Capacity on 2 October 2017

Question by Dr Tan Wu Meng: To ask the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources given the ageing population and limited common void deck space available for funeral wakes in some newer HDB precincts (a) whether this has affected the Government's forecast for funeral parlour capacity requirements; and (b) how the Government will ensure adequate funeral parlour capacity in the years ahead.



          Today, funeral wakes in Singapore are mostly held at HDB void decks and precinct pavilions. A smaller proportion of wakes are held in places of worship, private home compounds and purpose-built funeral parlours.   Overall, there are sufficient wake spaces available to those who need them. 

2        The Housing and Development Board (HDB) has traditionally planned and designed new HDB precincts to ensure that they meet the needs of the community.  The National Environment Agency (NEA) also works closely with other Government agencies such as the Ministry for National Development (MND), the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and the HDB to ensure the provision of sufficient land for the development of funeral parlours.   

3        My Ministry will continue to monitor the demand for funeral spaces and ensure that there are sufficient wake spaces even as Singapore’s population grows and ages.


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