2018 COS

As a low-lying island, Singapore is vulnerable to changes in our climate, such as rising sea levels and changing weather patterns.

Singapore has put in place a suite of measures to reduce our carbon emission and protect against the impacts of climate change.

2018 is the Year of Climate Action. Everyone needs to take action today, for a sustainable future.

Our COS Announcements

Adaptation Measures for Climate Change

climate change adaptation measures

Resilient Water Supply

  • • We have and will continue to invest in infrastructure such as raising our coastal roads, enhancing stormwater systems and diversifying our water supply. 
  • • Our water supply is augmented with weather-resilient sources – NEWater and desalinated water.Singapore’s 3rd desalination plant will open this year, and two more will be ready by 2020.

Water Conservation

  • • As part of the Smart Nation push, we will use technology to encourage behavioural change towards water conservation. Up to 10,000 new homes will be equipped with smart shower devices which willprovide real-time feedback on actual water consumption during showers.

Flood Resiliency

  • • To mitigate flash floods, continuous island-wide drainage improvement works are ongoing. The works at Stamford Diversion Canal, Stamford Detention Tank and Bukit Timah First Diversion Canal will be completed in 2018.  Work will commence at another 22 locations this year, adding to existing works at 73 locations.

Coastal Adaptation

  • • Over 70% of our coastline is protected by hard walls or stone embankments. 

Vector Control

  • • More studies will be done on how male Wolbachia-carrying Aedes mosquitoes can be used to suppress the mosquito population. 

Mitigation Measures for Climate Change

mitigation measures for climate change

Carbon Tax

  • • A carbon tax will be implemented from 2019 and will apply to larger direct emitters.

Vehicle Emissions

  • • We are reviewing how to reduce vehicular pollution from older, more polluting vehicles.

Green Buildings

  • • Singapore is using more solar energy and has more green buildings with more stringent standards in energy efficiency.

Community Participation in Climate Action

community participation in climate action

Climate Action SG Alliance

  • • SMS Dr. Amy Khor will act as Advisor to the newly formed “Climate Action SG Alliance” which will advocate climate action and raise public awareness on climate issues.

Climate Action Pledge

  • • To date, more than 21,000 individuals have made Climate Action pledges online.

Climate Action SG Fund

  • • A “Climate Action SG Grant” will be set up. NGOs and Grassroots Organisations can apply for this grant to defray some of the costs of organising programmes in support of the Year of Climate Action. Upon application, each eligible organisation can be provided with up to $5,000 on a reimbursement basis.

Light Bulb Replacement

  • • A bulb replacement programme for one- and two-room HDB households will be launched to encourage the use of energy efficient light bulbs to reduce energy use.

Hawker Centres

hawker centres

7 New Hawker Centres Opened

  • • Ci Yuan Hawker Centre
  • • Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre & Market
  • • Hawker Centre @ Our Tampines Hub
  • • Yishun Park Hawker Centre
  • • Jurong West Hawker Centre
  • • Kampong Admiralty Hawker Centre
  • • Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre

Sustaining the Hawker Trade and Supporting New Entrants

  • • Hawker fare series
  • • Managing a Hawker Business course
  • • Incubation stall programme
  • • One-stop information and service centre

Improving Productivity in Hawker Centres

  • • Automated tray return Systems and centralised dishwashing service
  • • Hawkers’ productivity grant

More Vibrant Hawker Centres

  • • Vibrant hawker centres programme

Promoting Graciousness in Hawker Centres

  • • Tray return Initiatives

Zero-Waste Living

zero waste living

E-Waste Management System

  • • Mandatory e-waste management system by 2021 to ensure discarded electrical and electronic products are disposed in an environmentally friendly way, and allow safe recovery of useful materials.