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Nominations Open for the President’s Award for the Environment 2012

Date Published: 05 Feb 2012

         Nominations for The President’s Award for the Environment 2012 are open from 6 February to 16 March 2012. Members of the public are invited to nominate outstanding individuals, organisations (NGOs, volunteer groups, grassroots organisations, institutions, public agencies, etc) and companies that have contributed significantly to Singapore’s efforts in achieving environmental and water sustainability.

2       Nominees should possess an excellent environmental track record, have contributed significantly to the environment, as well as adopted and promoted good environmental practices both within and beyond their organisations.

3       The results will be announced in September 2012 and recipients of the annual award will each receive a trophy and a certificate from the President of the Republic of Singapore.

4       The closing date for nominations is 16 March 2012. For more details on the nominations and award, please refer to the ANNEX and the President’s Award for the Environment website at


Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources
5 February 2012


The President’s Award for the Environment is the highest environmental accolade for individuals, organisations and companies that have made significant contributions towards environmental and water resource sustainability in Singapore. It recognises and honours the sustained environment- and water-related contributions by environmental champions from the People, Public and Private (3P) sectors.

Beyond that, this prestigious award also aims to inspire more individuals, organisations and companies to step forward and join the effort to tackle our environmental challenges. This will ensure that we and our future generations will have a lively and liveable Singapore to live, work and play in.

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