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President’s Award for the Environment Honours Leaders in Environmental Partnerships

Date Published: 08 Oct 2010

            Three outstanding leaders in environmental partnerships will be receiving the President's Award for the Environment from President S R Nathan at an awards ceremony tonight at the Istana. They are Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (GST) Singapore Pte Ltd, Nan Hua High School, and Singapore Polytechnic.

2         The award is the highest accolade in Singapore that recognises individuals, organisations and companies for their significant contributions to Singapore's efforts in achieving environmental sustainability.

Award Recipients

3         Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (GST) Singapore Pte Ltd (Hitachi GST) has been relentless in pursuing environmental sustainability. The company has excelled not only in managing the environmental impact of its operations, but also in championing environmental causes both within and beyond their organisation. Since 2004, it has initiated and developed environmental projects with both primary and secondary schools and has forged strong partnerships with these schools over the years. The company is also a recognised expert on good environmental practice in the private sector and has been invited by other companies to share this knowledge with them.

4         Nan Hua High School has placed great emphasis on raising environmental awareness amongst its students since 2001. Beyond incorporating environmental topics into the formal curriculum, the school has displayed outstanding leadership in communicating environmental messages to the larger community. Its environmental activities are well-integrated not only within the school, but also within the community in the South West District. These activities cover a comprehensive range of issues such as resource conservation, anti-littering and dengue prevention. The school has also initiated several national-level programmes reaching out to many other schools.

5         Singapore Polytechnic, the first polytechnic in Singapore, mobilised the entire campus to help protect the natural environment within its compound and conducts outreach programmes to the industry and the community. Its positive impact on the community is significant and commendable. InnoVillage, a research hub within the polytechnic, is not only a collaboration platform for various industry partners to work on environment-related technologies, it also serves as a learning centre for showcasing and explaining these technologies to secondary school students. The school has also spearheaded a Heritage Tree trail within their premises to engage secondary school students on nature conservation. Singapore Polytechnic will be the first polytechnic to receive the award.

8 OCTOBER 2010

Appendix I - Details on The President's Award for the Environment
Appendix II - Profile of Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (GST) Singapore Pte Ltd
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