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Recognising Four Environmental Champions' Outstanding Contributions

Recognising Four Environmental Champions’ Outstanding Contributions

Two individuals, an educational institution and a private corporation will be receiving the President’s Award for the Environment 2015


7 October 2015 - Four environmental champions will be receiving the prestigious President’s Award for the Environment (PAE) from President Tony Tan Keng Yam at an award ceremony on 7 October 2015. This year’s winners are Mr Kwek Leng Joo, Mrs Kirtida Mekani, East View Primary School, and Systems on Silicon Manufacturing Company. PAE is Singapore’s highest environmental accolade, and this year marks the award’s tenth anniversary since its inauguration in 2006. This is also the first time where there are four winners instead of three.

The Award Recipients 

2              Mr Kwek Leng Joo – He is an environmental visionary and champions for sustainable practices to be adopted for businesses. He drives City Developments Limited (CDL)’s sustainability journey, and has influenced companies in the building sector to conserve while they construct. He has led CDL to attain acclaim as a leading green building champion and forerunner in sustainability. For over 2 decades, he has been a dedicated advocate of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in both his corporate and personal capacities, championing environmental sustainability in the business, academic and youth communities.

3              Mrs Kirtida Mekani – She has been championing the environmental cause since 1996 when she served as the Executive Director for the Singapore Environment Council. As a current member of the Garden City Fund Management Committee, Mrs Mekani has continued to be a committed environmentalist towards greening the environment through tree-planting projects. She conceptualised and initiated the Plant-A-Tree programme, enabling over 16,000 trees to be planted island-wide. She also reached out to more than 28,000 individuals to inspire them to reconnect with our natural heritage by taking part in this programme to enhance Singapore’s green spaces.

4              East View Primary School – East View Primary School has a longstanding track record in environmental advocacy. Since winning the PUB Watermark Award in 2010, the school has continued to strive for environmental excellence, most recently clinching the ASEAN Eco Schools Award in 2015. East View Primary School is very strong in environmental education, and has integrated this into the school’s curriculum. Every student is groomed to be an environmental advocate. What sets East View Primary School apart from other educational institutions is their strong environmental partnership with the people, public and private (3P) sectors to enhance the school’s awareness and commitment towards environmental and water resource sustainability.

5              Systems on Silicon Manufacturing Company – Systems on Silicon Manufacturing Company (SSMC) have made it their priority to achieve water and energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions into the environment. Under the strong leadership of its CEO, Mr Jagadish, SSMC has integrated good environmental and water efficient initiatives into its daily operations. SSMC has also collaborated with several industry players to share their knowledge of environmental sustainability for others to emulate. SSMC is an excellent role model both to the private sector and to the Pasir Ris community through their water conservation, anti-littering and cleanliness programmes. It has shown strong commitment to constantly reviewing and improving work processes for efficiency and sustainability, and is a good role model of a sustainable and environmentally responsible company.

6              Professor Leo Tan, a recipient of PAE 2007 and a member of the PAE 2015 Judging Panel shared that “The PAE is a pinnacle award that places even more responsibility and onus on the winners. It begets the question: what more can one do now?” He emphasised that “the recipients must have the right motives, and they should constantly be looking out for new breakthroughs and push for consistent green initiatives”. He also hopes that the PAE will influence Singapore’s younger generation to do even more, and continue owning the projects.



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