Speech By Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister Of State For The Environment And Water Resources, At The Dengue Prevention @ Hong Kah North And Dialogue Session With Zone 5 Residents, On Sunday 21 April 2019, 0935 Hrs, At Blk 348, Bukit Batok Street 34

TOPICS: Dengue

Ladies and gentlemen

Good morning. I am happy to see all of you here with us today.  

Current Situation

2 Two weeks ago, the National Environment Agency launched this year’s National Dengue Prevention Campaign to kick-start an intensive dengue outreach effort across Singapore. We had 2,457 dengue cases in the first 3 ½ months of 2019. This is more than three times the 678 cases we had in the same period last year. NEA has also seen from its Gravitrap surveillance system that the mosquito population remains high.

3 We are fast approaching the warmer months of the year, which is traditionally the peak dengue season. The warm conditions are conducive for mosquito breeding. Hence, it is imperative that we remain extra vigilant to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes to mitigate the risk of dengue.

Community Vigilance and Involvement

4 Following the national dengue campaign launch on 7 April, 69 divisions across Singapore have organised more than 190 dengue prevention events and activities. Mayors, Grassroots Advisers, Community Leaders and Dengue Prevention Volunteers (DPVs) have visited residents to share dengue prevention tips, including how to identify potential mosquito breeding habitats. The continuous support of our local community has helped us tremendously, and will continue to be an important part of our war against dengue. More outreach activities and events are planned for the next two months to remind residents to be vigilant. I understand that NEA has also conducted a Dengue Prevention Volunteer (DPV) mass training session this morning. To the volunteers, thank you for stepping up to join us in the fight against dengue.

5 Source eradication of mosquito breeding habitats remains key to dengue prevention and control. I urge all residents to do their part by doing the 5-step Mozzie Wipeout. If you have not heard of the 5-step Mozzie Wipeout, please take some time today to find out more from our friendly Dengue Prevention Volunteers (DPVs).


6 The government’s efforts alone will not be enough to stem dengue transmission. Every one of us needs to keep our homes and surroundings free of stagnant water to prevent mosquito breeding. Remember, all it takes is a 20-cent sized drop of water for mosquitoes to breed in, and this will jeopardise all the efforts that we have put in place.

7 One additional dengue case is one too many. Let's all take action today to fight dengue, and protect ourselves and our loved ones. I wish all residents a wonderful weekend.

Thank you.

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