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Three Environmental Champions to Receive the Prestigious President's Award for the Environment

Date Published: 21 Oct 2008

Three outstanding environmental champions will be receiving the President’s Award for the Environment (PAE) from President S R Nathan today. They are Alexandra Hospital, Senoko Power Limited and South West Community Development Council (CDC)

2          The award is the highest accolade in Singapore’s environment and water resources field. It recognizes individuals, organizations and companies which have contributed significantly to Singapore’s efforts in achieving environmental and water sustainability.

PAE Award Winners

3          Alexandra Hospital has adopted best practices in both environmental protection and water conservation. Besides promoting and implementing environmental programmes within its organisation, Alexandra Hospital also rallies the community through its various outreach programmes to join in its efforts towards Singapore’s sustainable development.

4          Senoko Power Limited is a pioneer in the power generation industry in promoting and adopting environmental-friendly policies in their business practices and in influencing their stakeholders. They have also gone beyond their immediate area of work by actively partnering non-governmental organisations and schools in promoting environmental awareness to the community at large. Senoko Power is a fine example of how private organisations can do their part for the environment.

5          South West CDC is well acknowledged for their efforts in raising awareness on a diverse range of environmental and water issues including public health, water, resource conservation and nature. It galvanises the community to participate in environmental and water activities through its numerous campaigns. Most of all, South West CDC ensures these initiatives are carried out on a sustained basis so that environmental and water messages are perpetuated to the community.

Award Ceremony

6          The Award Ceremony will take place at The Istana on 21 Oct evening. About 170 guests from the people, public and private sectors are expected to attend the event.

7          Besides handing out the awards, President S R Nathan will also be launching a new book entitled “Clean, Green and Blue: Singapore’s Journey Towards Environmental and Water Sustainability” authored by Mr Tan Yong Soon with Dr Lee Tung Jean and Ms Karen Tan. The book traces how Singapore has arrived at the good environment it enjoys today, and in so doing draws out some lessons for achieving future sustainability. The book is targeted at environment and water sector policy-makers, practitioners, and professionals, both in Singapore and overseas, as well as Singaporeans who wish to play a role in improving the living environment.

8          A fund-raiser was held in conjunction with the launch of the book, with 20 donors each making a contribution of $20,000. The $400,000 collected from these  donors will be channeled to the Nature Society (Singapore), the Singapore Environment Council and the President’s Challenge which is administered by the National Council on Social Service.


20 OCTOBER 2008


Please refer to the following appendices for details. Click here to download the appendices.
Appendix I                 - Details on The President’s Award for the Environment
Appendix II                - Profile of Alexandra Hospital
Appendix III               - Profile of Senoko Power Limited
Appendix IV              - Profile of Southwest CDC
Appendix V               - Details on President’s Award for the Environment Trophy
Appendix VI              - Evaluation Committee
Appendix VII             - Additional Information on “Clean, Green and Blue”
Appendix VIII            - Fund-raiser held in conjunction with the launch of “Clean, Green and Blue”

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