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Written reply by Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources to Parliamentary Question on High-Rise Littering on 4 Nov 2019

TOPICS: Cleanliness

Question from Mr Desmond Choo: To ask the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources (a) whether photographs or video recordings of high-rise littering and feeding of pigeons can be used to prosecute perpetrators; and (b) if so, how can the Ministry work with the community and law enforcement agencies to bring more culprits to task.




The National Environment Agency (NEA) deploys surveillance cameras with video analytics to catch high-rise littering offenders. These cameras have helped improve NEA’s enforcement efforts, leading to more than 2,200 offenders being caught since deployments began in 2012.


2 The National Parks Board (NParks) similarly installs cameras and conducts surveillance at identified feeding hotspots to curb pigeon feeding. It also works with Town Councils to put up notices to solicit information about feeding activities in order to carry out targeted enforcement operations.


3 Members of the public can submit photos and video-recordings of high-rise littering and pigeon feeding incidents to NEA and NParks respectively to aid the agencies’ investigations and enable more targeted enforcement operations against such offences.


4 While there are laws against high-rise littering and pigeon feeding, it is more important that we foster collective responsibility for our environment and cultivate positive social norms.


5 To this end, NEA works closely with grassroots leaders and community organisations to address feedback and raise awareness among residents by distributing advisories against high-rise littering during home visits and promoting graciousness and civic-mindedness at community events. It also collaborates with the Public Hygiene Council and partners of the nationwide “Keep Singapore Clean” movement to inculcate the habit of keeping our homes and neighbourhoods clean. NParks and the Town Councils have also been working together to educate residents about the issues caused by pigeon feeding through advisories, posters, and outreach events.


6 The Government will continue to enforce against high-rise littering and curb pigeon feeding, but we cannot do it alone. Every one of us must do our part to keep Singapore a clean, green, and sustainable home for our future generations.

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