"Eco Smart" Endearing Towns

More smart technology and eco-friendly features will be embedded into our towns and homes. You will also never be too far away from green and blue spaces. A green lifestyle will be second nature, with more ways for people to recycle as well as save energy and water at home.

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How will we achieve "Eco Smart" Endearing Towns?

New generation of housing districts with innovative design and technology such as Punggol Northshore, Jurong Lake District, Kampong Bugis, and Marina South

Rejuvenate estates and introduce sustainability features through programmes such as Remaking Our Heartland and HDB Greenprint
BCA Green Mark schemes to promote environmental sustainability beyond buildings to a wide range of facilities and spaces
Provide and maintain lush greenery in our urban environment and conserve our natural heritage to realise a City in a Garden
Implement more ABC Waters projects to create more recreational blue spaces
Provide opportunities for the community to enhance public spaces in their neighbourhoods
Make it easier for residents to save water and energy and reduce, reuse, and recycle waste

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