Litter-free Bright Spots

Bright Spots

In the “Turning Hot Spots to Bright Spots” programme, the Public Hygiene Council identifies littering “Hot Spots” and works with the community to convert them into role model “Bright Spots”. The Public Hygiene Council organises clean-ups of these spots which residents can participate in. It allows them to take ownership of its cleanliness, keep them clean and help to educate and encourage good practices amongst the community. 

Being clean and green has long been an important value that Singaporeans take pride in. However, government efforts alone are not sufficient to maintain Singapore’s reputation as a clean city. Communities are invited to initiate and improve the cleanliness and hygiene conditions of their shared spaces and turn them into ‘Bright Spots’. 

Efforts to deter littering

  • NEA’s community volunteer scheme: promotes greater stewardship of our environment by empowering members of the public to take action to deter littering. This “volunteer force” has approached many litterbugs to advise them to take responsibility for their litter and the majority of those approached have been cooperative.
  • Keep Singapore Clean movement: Aims for Singapore to be a “clean city” instead of a “cleaned city”. It has brought together many volunteers to keep the places they love clean.
  • “Turning hot spots to Bright Spots” programme: A programme for residents of all ages to come together with refuse bags and tongs to pick up litter in their neighbourhood. 

Targets for Bright Spots

Targets for bright spots