Flood-Prone Areas

Flood Alleviation

As a small, low-lying island city in the tropics, Singapore is vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Our rainfall patterns have become more volatile which could lead to the increased risk of flash floods. Rising sea levels will also be a concern in the long term. Together with other countries, we must take action now to reduce and mitigate our carbon emissions in order to limit the rise in global temperatures.

Singapore must also act now to future-proof our city against the potential impacts of climate change.

Singapore has invested billions in building and upgrading the drainage infrastructure. This has reduced flood prone areas by almost a hundred-fold since the 1970s. 

As an additional safeguard, LTA is installing flood barriers at selected MRT stations to protect our critical transport infrastructure. It is not possible to eliminate floods, but we can certainly reduce their frequency of occurrence, and reduce their impact when they occur. 

Targets for flood-prone areas

Targets for flood-prone areas