Skyrise Greenery

Gardens in the Sky

Skyrise Greenery plays an important part in contributing towards Singapore's vision of a City in a Garden. Due to limited land space, skyrise greenery has increasingly become an essential component of sustainable urban development. Encompassing both rooftop greenery and vertical greenery, skyrise greenery seeks to add a new dimension of integrating greenery into our urban environment.

Efforts for Skyrise Greenery

  • Landscaping for Urban Spaces and High Rises (LUSH) programme: Encourage developers to provide communal green spaces at the ground and upper levels of buildings such as sky terraces and roof gardens.
  • Skyrise Greenery Incentive Scheme: Subsidises the installation costs of skyrise greenery in existing buildings
  • Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework (LEAF): Recognises developments for excellence in greenery provision and management.


Targets for Skyrise Greenery

Targets for Skyrise Greenery