Cycling Paths

Cycling in our city

Cycling is an eco-friendly mode of transport that is becoming increasingly popular in Singapore for first-and-last mile connections to the MRT station or bus interchange or simply for moving around the neighbourhood. Besides being affordable and convenient, cycling offers health benefits and brings people of all ages closer to nature and the outdoors.

Routes are being identified within and between towns and even to the Central Business District. Our aim is to make it safe and convenient for cyclists to travel within and across towns through a comprehensive network.

Efforts to increase cycling paths

  • Introduce innovative features and creative designs to towns: To provide a better cycling and walking environment.
  • National Cycling Plan: Expand our island-wide cycling paths.
  • Bicycle lots at MRT stations and HDBs: To build secure bicycle parking facilities to encourage more to cycle.
  • National cyclist education programme: Promote a cycling culture that is safe for pedestrians, cyclists, and other road users.

Targets for cycling paths

Targets for cycling paths