Peak hour public transport mode share

Becoming a “Car-Lite” Singapore

Public transport also allows us to optimise our land use and provide greater connectivity for residents. We envision a “car-lite” Singapore where public transport, walking and cycling are default choices for commuting and there is reduced reliance on private motorised vehicles.

Stepping up efforts to give buses more priority on our roads, as well as facilitate more efficient bus-rail transfers such as better feeder services, together with an expanding rail network, will encourage people to take public transport as their primary commuting option. This would help us to achieve our public transport mode share targets.

Efforts to increase public transport mode share during peak periods

  • Bus Service Enhancement Programme: By end-2017, this programme would have added 1,000 new buses and 80 new bus services to provide greater connectivity, ease commuter crowds and shorten waiting times.
  • Bus Contracting Model: Transited to bus contracting model in September 2016 to further improve service levels (e.g. shorter headways, more reliable services) by injecting competition into the bus industry and allowing Government to make public bus services more responsive to changes in commuter needs.
  • MyTransport.SG app: LTA released this app to help users manage their travel decisions. This app includes real-time bus arrival information, directions to MRT stations, bus stops and taxi stands, and cycling routes. 

Targets for Public Transport Mode Share

Targets for public transport mode share