Domestic Recycling Rate

Rubbish chutes: curse of convenience

From kampong homes to better housing, refuse disposal chutes were built to make it convenient for people to discard their trash. However, the feature that has helped keep housing estates clean is hindering recycling. Having the chutes made residents less aware about how much they are wasting – out of sight, out of mind.

The large volumes of household waste we disposed of put tremendous pressure on our waste collection and disposal systems, including our only landfill at Semakau.

Efforts to increase domestic recycling rate

  • Dual chutes for waste and recyclables will become a common feature of new HDB blocks. Similar enhancements are being considered for recycling infrastructure in private high-rise residential developments. Improved infrastructure will make it easier for everyone – at home, at school or at work – to segregate and recycle our waste.
  • Introduce centralised chutes for recyclables in all new HDB blocks: To facilitate recycling through better infrastructure support 

Target for National Recycling Rate