Proportion of buildings to achieve BCA Green Mark Certified rating

Greening Our City Skyline

Greening our buildings is one of the most effective ways for a city to reduce its overall carbon footprint in terms of energy and water efficiency, waste reduction and the use of sustainable materials.

In 2005, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) launched the BCA Green Mark scheme, a rating system designed specifically for buildings in the tropics, to evaluate a building’s environmental impact and recognise its sustainability performance. 

Today, our buildings are designed from the start to save energy and water, and owners and tenants work together to be greener. Our target is for 80% of buildings in Singapore to achieve the standards of Green Mark by 2030

Efforts in Greening Buildings

  • 3rd Green Building Masterplan: Maps out a holistic strategy to accelerate the “greening” of existing buildings and encourage building owners, managers and occupants to play a greater role in our green building movement 
  • Green Mark Pearl Award: To recognise developers and building owners who have actively engaged their tenants to collectively reduce energy consumption. 

Targets for Green Buildings

Targets for Green Buildings